I found Vysr from FastCompay.TV’s demo-cum-interview of Guda Venkatesh (Alumni of IIT,Kanpur). Vysr is new toolbar released in beta for Internet Explorer and Fire Fox. It aims to enhance browsing experience by giving easy access to popular services like Google News, Wikipedia, YouTube, MapQuest and others (called Apps) within the current view of the webpage. On the top of this, it adds a context of the selected text to these apps. What this means is that you can select “abc” on a webpage and click on the Wikipedia app on Vysr. An in-page display shows the Wikipedia page on “abc”. I like that! This acts like a lookup within the scope of my current webpage rather than opening another window or tab. Hence, I call it a Lookup bar, than a Tool bar. The position of Vysr is another difference among other toolbars. Vysr does not take away valuable real estate in your browser. It is well position in the bottom right corner. It is also easier to enable or disable which just a click, without having to through seek through the browser menus.
For developers, they plan to release a developer api. I await the release to design a Vysr app to search for shopping deals in India with rajspace.net and stock analysis with Stockoogle.
Apart from the developer api, here is my wish list:
1. Google Web search app. (How can they forget this in the first place!)
2. The bar gets longer as I choose more apps. I would like to have a Windows quick launch bar’s double-arrow styled option that on click pops up the other apps.
3. Geo-focused apps, especially for India for local weather, maps, stocks, news, search etc.
I would keenly watch out if Vysr replaces my Google toolbar over a period of time, also considering the possibility of Google using its toolbar to sketch the Google Trends!