In June this year, CNBC-TV18 in association with Enlighten Film Society organised a film festival titled “Wall Street Meets 70mm” in Mumbai, showcasing 4 movies- Rogue Trader, Wall Street, Boiler Room & Barbarians of the Gate. By the name of the movies and the organiser, it is easy to guess the theme – the financial markets. I expected the festival to move other cities. That never happened!

Over the last fortnight, I watched 3 of the 4 movies. I and Ashu truly, deeply, madly enjoyed the financial thrillers! Flashing guns were replaced with Stock tickers and numbers on the screen represented the bullets. Lives were lost, not with gun shots, but with bankruptcies & broken relationships. Outside the sheer fun and excitement, there is a learning part too. I learnt there is a thin line between financial investing and arrogant gambling. It is important to stay within boundaries and not to get carried away by euphoria and herd mentalities.

I hope the current financial meltdown & credit crisis fuel ideas for more such movies :) Meanwhile, I will catch up others from the past.