Nov 21st, 11:14AM – “Ashwini, it’s a baby girl”. Dr Prakash Kini made this statement as he brought our daughter to the world. Standing behind the wife’s head in the operation threatre in The Cradle, we exchanged the longest and broadest smile ever! The 38 week long ordeal culminated on a extremely joyous note.

Aashira is my youngest friend.

  • I spend late nights with her just like I do with my friends during parties, get-togethers or late movies.
  • I put her to sleep just like I would make beds for my friends when they are home.
  • I chat and play with her just like I do with my friends.
  • I pacify her just like I do to my friends when they are in need.

The last few weeks of life with Aashira has been fun, insightful and at times, confusing! The situation is highly demanding for the wife than for me and others at home. She said one night in last few weeks – “There was a time when 10pm was end-of-day. Now, it is beginning-of-night”!

She wrote a lovely piece on how Dr Kini enriched the experience. Look for “Ashwini Rajiv” is this page.