Why do retailers price products at Rs 99, Rs 109, Rs 199 etc? It is a marketing practice referred to as “Psychological pricing“. Debatable theories can be built on this practice. Personally to me, it doesn’t make a difference. A rupee difference will not change my mind either to buy or not to buy.

My problem with such pricing is of a different nature. The “no change” problem! The cashier at the counter denies me my Re 1 change. Times when he is polite and I just want to move on (or when my wife is around!), I just neglect the Re 1. Other times, I demand the small change and what happens next is probably a usual scene! Agreed, the rupee won’t change the weight of my wallet significantly. However, “Drops of water makes a mighty ocean”. Right? So, Re 1 will either reach the CFO or simply, sink into the cashier’s pocket – both I dislike. One might argue – why not simply assume the Re 1 also to be an added price of the product. My point of contention is on the Re 1 going “unaccounted” in the registers. No sales tax is paid on it. Organised retail, yet I need to fight for my Re 1.

Don’t I let go Re 1 to an auto driver? Yes, I do. Autos are a “unorganised sector”.