To this date I have not purchased a travel guide in the true sense of the word. From the time, I had the opportunity, time, money & companion to travel around; the internet has been the latest and greatest resource. I struck by the net to plan travel for my visits to and around Japan & UK. During my travel around Mt Fuji area in Japan with the wife, I happened to find a copy of Lonely Planet Japan at K’s House backpackers hostel. I enjoyed the one hour with the book. I realised a good travel guide is an excellent complementary resource, apart from the internet. Internet still continues to the best resource during pre-travel planning stage for time-sensitive information like time timings, hotel rates etc. A book, on the other hand, works great during-travel for historical and on-location reading. I realised the fun in reading about the Mt Fuji and its last eruptions while relaxing a few miles from the place rather than read it onscreen a few days before or after and a few hundred miles away. Obvious may be, sometimes things needs to be realised to make them so-obvious!

I foresee a travel opportunity coming up and decided I will do what I realised in Japan. Though, I had almost decided on the Lonely Planet country series, the man in me did not let me buy it without a basic research of other options. So here are a couple of interesting reads on why and what of travel guides:

One tip for online purchase of books (in India), instead of going to every online seller and looking up the price – Use Google Book Search > About this book > Buy this book section will list the direct links to online book seller. For my book, I could look up in Rediff Books, & Flipkart with just a click. It is lot easier if you could find it in my deal search engine, or shopping comparison services like or However, chances are slim because of sheer variety in books and one’s preferences. Use IndiaBookStore

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