I just watched a movie. It was just a random pick. The site categorised it as “Drama”. I watched the whole movie in a sitting. It was not high action, it wasn’t suspense thriller, it wasn’t a drama, it was a heartwarming, meaningful and respectful movie- Taking Chance. A journey of Lt Col Mike Strobl as a voluntary escort with the body of 19 year old US Marine Chance Phelps through land and air, through people of different demographics. It is a movie based on true-events. One of those, that I will remember for a long time and highly recommend to anybody who has an inclination towards war (and its outcome) based movies. 

Once I was on a small regional flight from South Bend to Atlanta with about 15 passengers. At the destination, the caption announced his pleasure to have carried a US soldier bound for Iraq and requested him to disembark first. I was impressed with the respect and honour shown by the citizens of the country to a soldier in a civilian environment. Everybody clapped as the soldier walked past them. The movie reminded me of this event.