As we went through the months of Ashu’s pregnancy it seemed like the most sort after date, the date of delivery, was end of a long process. Only after the delivery, reality sets in that it is also beginning of a longer (never ending) process – the task or art (whichever way one looks) of bringing up a child. It is tough physically and mentally (post-natal depression come to hog too). Undoubtedly, it is a pleasure and an experience difficult to explain. Compare this to an adventurist rock climber. Although tough & strenuous, it is fun & thrilling. Use of appropriate & latest gears enhances the fun part and softens the hard part.

Same logic applies in the upbringing of a new born. Seek out for modern and latest products & services to tilt the balance towards the pleasure side of things.

Full credits to the wife to have explored many avenues and discovered some interesting & uncommon products in the market (My contribution is limited to toughest of all – opening the wallet!). These products serve one or more of the following -

  • Ease out on energy-draining tasks
  • Improve the comfort for the tiny tot
  • Reduce the need for a helping hand (read “be independent”)

Here goes the list.

Food & Feed

  • Feeding Pillow (also called Nursing Pillow)
  • Feeding Cover
  • Food Injector


  • Baby Monitor – A simple radio device to remotely listen to sounds made by the baby with a transmitter near the baby & receiver near you. Lets the baby have a good sleep as you can continue with your activities
  • Hanging spring-powered cradle


  • Concoction of almond oil, olive oil, coconut oil & butter (homemade bath oil)
  • Corn starch powder – Apply on baby’s bum to remove the dark patches caused by daipers
  • Bathing Chair – You do not need a experienced aunt or relative to put the baby along the legs (tradition Indian way) for bath. Its foldable and easy to carry during travel.
  • Baby Gym

Baby Clothes

  • Thermal inners
  • Full body length suits
  • Full/overall bib – The normal bibs are fine at home. Overall bibs cover full and saves soiling the favourite outside wears of the baby

Leisure & Entertainment

  • Portable DVD player
  • Wireless headset for TV
  • Bluetooth headset for mobile


  • Ear Thermometer – Checking temperature cannot be easier than a simple touch of the device in the ears.
  • Camera Tripod – Do not expect your baby to pose for the camera or perform a retake. Set up a tripod in the room to capture those moments with the press of a few buttons.
  • Disposable breast pads
  • Nipple cream, puller, shield

Not listed are some more common and popular products such as bathing tub, microwave sterlising box, anti-diaper rash cream.

Beyond products, a few services help too.

  • Consult a lactation consultant – Besides gynecologist/obstetrician/neonatologist/pediatrician, pay one visit to a lactation consultant even if all is well. Just helps reduce the doubt bank! We consulted Dr Asha Benakkappa.
  • Subscribe to dvd rental service – If you plan to be good father and husband, you can forget the laptop & newspapers (don’t you get it – they make sound when you turn pages!). Good time to catch up on all the movies one wanted to. Of course, in mute & reading subtitles! For mothers, this will go well with a portable dvd player.
  • Subscribe to the weekly newsletter of – One thing that comes to mind in the early days of parenthood are plenty of questions! The newsletter helps discover these questions sooner. The fact that “we are not only people in the world with these questions” eases things out.
  • Subscribe to few months of any baby magazine – In the initial months, mothers like to be exposed to ideas to a better life for oneself and the baby. It is immaterial if the ideas are implemented or useful but it just helps to have a magazine-relevant-for-the-new-state-of-affairs-at-home lying around.
  • Subscribe to lifestyle/travel magazines – One can forget long hours shopping or planning getaways. These magazines are a desperate man’s poor replacements.

We hope some of these help you. Feel free to leave a comment.