Jet airways over-cooking its offerings
Jet Airways was a full service carrier. Then came Capt Gopinath’s low-cost Air Deccan that redefined air travel in India and created a non-existent category. Jet responded with a acquisition of Air Sahara (that struggled to fructify for at least an year), renamed it to Jet Lite and converted it to a low cost carrier. Later, for whatever reason, it created another low cost airline called Jet Airways Konnect. While many full service carriers across the world are running a low cost arm, Jet Airways has 2.

If all this was not enough, what would you say to this latest news – “We are pleased to introduce Jet Airways Konnect Select, the new Premium cabin on Jet Airways Konnect flight“.

Crazy! After ripping out premium (read business) class from Jet Airways they made the low cost Konnect spinoff. Now, adding a premium class to the Konnect offering! They want to create new segment in between full service and low cost called Semi-Service  carrier (the marketing guys will find a fancier name)!?! (For all the SRK fans, Shahrukh Khan was on the board of Jet until recently).

Kingfisher airlines owes a booty to fuel suppliers, Paramount airlines loses license to operate, Air India continues to scramble for survival… It will be fun as always @watchingthesky.