Aashira is not eligible for infant fares on airlines anymore! She is 2 years now and demands her own space be it the living room or the car. A parallel kitchen runs at home (Thankfully Aashira’s kitchen does not consume real groceries). She is expressive in her own sweet ways. She picks lines from our conversations (we learnt to mind our language!). She waits to repeat “What is that?” watching her favourite movie, Tinker Bell. A couple of amusing customary dialogues & actions have developed for good night wishes & other occasions. To Ashu’s dismay, she continues to believe sleeping is a waste of time. She is productive too; she once joined us in the search for my cap and actually found it!

Aashira will start play school mid-2011 if all goes well i.e me and Ashu pass the interview! OK, it’s not so bad :)