New avenues to earn frequent flyer miles (and even bitcoins) have emerged with PointsHound & RocketMiles. Both the services are just like the other hotel booking engines with the added benefit of earning miles for the booking. This is in addition to the usual point earnings from the hotel for the stay.

RocketMiles has been consistently running many promotions for first bookings. The most recent is the bonus of 3000 miles. Adding up the 1000 signup miles & 1000 miles for the booking itself, this is a nifty 5000 miles earning opportunity. The offer is open until 2nd May 2014 5th June 2014 and accessible here. I just booked a hotel under these offers.


A few days back, I booked a night at a hotel with PointsHound that earned 1400 miles (1000 signup miles + 400 for the booking). The miles

These are in addition to the points earned in the hotel program. However, be sure to compare the hotel prices with other booking engines and hotel website. RocketMiles’ listings tend to be more expensive in many cases.

If earning miles is not your forte you can earn some cool cash back offers (upto 10% at times).

UPDATE: RocketMiles only credited 4000 miles to my frequent flyer program. On enquiry, they informed that I can benefit from only 1 signup bonus which was 3000 bonus miles in this case.

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