Myth #1: Flying is the only way to earn miles

While this is how it all started, flying is just one of the many ways to earn miles. Credit card spends are the most lucrative ways to earn miles today. Picture this: Among the 72,000 Emirates miles that went into redeeming the Copenhagen-Bangalore award ticket, only half of them came from flying. The other half from the SCB Emirates credit card spends.

Airlines have a whole host of partners. Spends with these partners are another avenue to earn miles. New avenues have emerged such as miles for hotel bookings that I wrote a few months back.

Myth #2: It is not worth to pay fees for a credit card

For some reason, we have come to believe that it is criminal to pay for a credit card. A credit card is a product and just as any other product, paying for it means better benefits. Simple number crunching indicates the benefits far outstrip the cost. Picture this: The Citibank Premier Miles credit card costs Rs 3000 and comes with 10,000 welcome miles that translates to a minimum value of Rs 5000. Additionally, the card comes with lucrative benefits. Until 31st August, an ongoing promo for new applications offers an additional 10,000 miles that instantly enhances the value. For details, read through Ajay Awtaney’s detailed review of the card and subsequent posts.

Myth #3: I need to fly the same airline all the time

A big NO. Airlines compete but they are partners too. That means, you can fly Airline A and ask them to credit the miles to a partner Airline B. This way you can accumulate miles in a few baskets instead of spreading too thin.

To end, here is a little fun graffiti I made of a notification that came across: